ESA aprecia trabalho desenvolvido no ISTnanosat-1

Depois de uma longa maratona de sessões de trabalho a equipa do ISTnanosat entregou o projeto com o infindável número de complicados documentos que a ESA exige. O projeto foi preliminarmente avaliado com bom resultado, de acordo com a informação recebida e que aqui se repete:

Dear ISTSat-1 team,

Thank you for providing the first version of the CDR data package in a timely manner. As planned, it has been subject to a first generic review.
The overall feedback from the FYS team is very positive. In general, your documentation is very complete and of high quality, which demonstrates the high level of commitment of the ISTSat team to the project. Congratulations!

The attached feedback aims at helping you finalise your documents with the objective of providing a consolidated data package for the actual CDR review. Upon delivery of the final version, the data package will be distributed to the ESA experts who will review the documentation in-depth and will identify problems, raise questions and provide suggestions. The delivery for the final data package is currently set for 15 October 2017.

In addition to the PDF file with the written feedback, we have also attached an excel table that will help us keep track of the feedback provided and whether it was implemented or not. Please return this excel file to us upon delivery of the final version (place it in the checklists folder of the FYS portal).

Note that the better the quality and level of detail of the documentation, the more valuable and supportive the feedback from the experts can be.
When providing the updated files, we kindly request that you do not delete the previous ones (instead name the final data package files as v1.1).

Finally, remember to complete the delivered documents checklist for the final delivery and to keep it always up-to-date!

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Fly your Satellite! Team

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